Mission Accomplished!!

So I had my interview for the Industrial Engineering Professional Internship yesterday. Can I just say I think I nailed that thing! So I went to this really pretty behind the Studios and parked in a parking garage. Who knew there was this whole “business park” behind the Studios, let alone a parking garage? It was awesome. So I interviewed with the manager of Industrial Engineering and another guy who helps him award the internships. I did pretty well with the questions and all of that but the best part was at the end. They asked me if I would be interested in multiple terms, which I don’t think they would’ve asked if they didn’t like me. And the best part of the entire interview is that they said they wanted to meet me because they had heard about through the College Program and through the Ultimate EnginEARing event I did. THEY HAD HEARD ABOUT ME!!!! The saying at Disney is that it’s not who you know, but who knows you! My mission was to come down here and to get my name out there, and it worked! My mind is blown and I’m super excited!

I’m still sort of baffeled that I’ve already interviewed for a PI. My plan was to go back to school, have time to go through all the internships I could do, pick one, apply and then after you apply you have two interviews before you get to the big interview. Within the past 5 days I somehow managed to skip all of that and go straight to the big interview. And now it’s done and all that’s left is the waiting to hear back. So excited.

Mission accomplished!

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I failed miserably…

Sooooooooo…it’s been like a million years since I last wrote a post and I’m very sorry about that. My computer broke and I was too lazy to write one on my iPod so yeah. I’m going to do my best to play catch up! I still love love love work. I love the people…they are so nice and fun and personable. These past few weeks have been really busy with Spring Break and everything.

So two main things that have happenedduring my absence. First thing…I participated in Disney’s Ultimate EnginEARing event a couple of weeks ago. It is an awesome event to attend if you’re interested engineering and/or a career with Disney. The first part of the day was a tour. We saw backstage of the American Adventure show, the Land, and Test Track. During the tours, they were going into detail about all the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering details about the things and I didn’t feel like I was cut out to be an an engineer because I didn’t understand half of what they were talking about. The second part of the day was a group project. We had two hours to come up with a new Kim Possible mission for the Canada pavilion at EPCOT. There was a mechanical engineer, two electrical engineers, a structural, a storyline person and an industrial. I did the Industrial Engineer’s part. I basically had to come up with different studies to do in different areas of the pavilion to determine the most efficient location for the attraction, the most cost effective plan, etc. So we had to present the plan to a panel of Disney Engineers. At the end, they gave out awards to the best overall plan, the most creative, the best mechanical plan, the best electrical plan, the best structural plan, and the best industrial plan. Guess who won the best industrial plan? This girl, right here. :) It made me feel like I am meant to be an IE and that I do have what it takes. It felt really good and was very reassuring. Also at the event, there is a networking time and you can go talk to engineers from all areas at Disney. I talked to the guy who is in charge of giving out the Industrial Engineering Professional Internships. Annnnd guess who has an interview Monday morning with him for a PI? This girl.

Next thing, I’m getting trained at work to be a GT. What is that? It’s a general teller. They get to handle the money and take care of voids, wear a headset, and get to act all official…well that’s what I take it to be. I learn more about it when I get my actually training.

That’s all of the big stuff that has happened. I’m going to do better about posting more often now that I have a computer again. :)

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I have failed…

Completely and utterly failed. I have not kept with the blog like I wanted!! I promise to write a detailed post soon! But in short, I love working here! I never ever want to leave!!! But I have kept up with my tumblr, so head over there if you’re looking for quick short updates!

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So I decided to start a tumblr was well. I’m going to use that for quick daily updates, but that does not mean I’m going to neglect my beautiful blog. I’ll try to post here weekly and give a detailed update on things. Tumble is going to be for quick daily updates. Feel free to follow that as well.


So, it feels like we’ve been here for at least a month, not 6 days. It hasn’t even been a whole week yet! Today is my first day off, so I’m going to go play in the parks for a little while! Yay! One amazing thing about living down here (among many amazing things) is that you’re never left with nothing to do. There is ALWAYS something to do! It’s awesome! So yesterday I found out I’m going to be working in Pinocchio’s Village Haus until Tomorrowland Terrace opens. I’m so excited! I get to work in two different lands. Working here is a billion times cooler than I thought it would be. I don’t know what I was expecting it be like, but I knew I would like it. But after getting into the routine of things, it’s so awesome. I never want to leave. :)


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I love my life…

It’s so amazing down here. I don’t even know how to describe it. I know that I’m going to love working here! Of course there will be up days and down days, but working for Disney is going to make it all worth it. Traditions was absolutely amazing! I loved every second of it. It made me feel so happy and special and proud to be working for such an awesome company. Walking through the parks, wearing my name tag and my company id just makes me feel an immense about of pride. I am a Walt Disney Cast Member, part of a family that is known worldwide for their exceptional guest service, which I am going to be able to provide. I just don’t know how to describe how awesome it is! I will post more details later. Today I finished day 1 of training. All I really did was take some online classes about safety and proper techniques for working with food. Tomorrow, I tour the Magic Kingdom and get used to the route I take to my work location. I’m excited! :)

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Vista…wait what?

Yesterday was check-in! It was a very exciting, exhausting, informative and long day. Brooke and I went to the pre-arrival dinner on Sunday night and met an awesome group of girls to room with. We arrived at check-in around 7:00 and waited until about 8 to start the process. We went to a building in Vista and filled out some paper work and then went to the housing area. There, they told us that I wouldn’t be able to live with Brooke because of the age difference, even though all along I was told it wouldn’t be a problem. But that was ok because I found a group of girls who still needed a roommate, so I joined with them. Then we went to the housing representative to tell them where we wanted to live, and that’s when they told us they only had Vista Way apartments left. Vista Way was the one place I did not want to stay. I heard it was gross, run down, parties going on all the time, and other things that were not pleasant. It was about 9:00am when we finished the “checking-in” process so we had a little while to go look at our apartments. Vista Way is actually not as bad as everyone makes it seem. It’s no worse than the apartments at my school…in fact, they might be nicer. They aren’t dirty or run down in my opinion. We got an apartment in the back of the complex so it was relatively quite. I can see the Vistana Resort from my window. Since we’re in the back it is not loud…the only thing we can hear are the washers and dryers which are right outside of our apartment, which isn’t such a bad thing. :)  Brooke also had to live at Vista, which is a good thing. It would’ve been weird if we were living in different complexes. Her room is by the pool and they have a third floor rooms. They have hardwood floors and a HUGE window. It’s really nice, although, you can definitely hear more people and their’s is right next to the bus stop. That might not be such a pleasant thing to listen to all night. So, we both have our pros and cons, but both apartments are nice. Plus, I have awesome roommates! I share a room with Jenny, who’s real name is Jennifer, so we’re the Jen room. :)

So, if you get stuck at Vista Way, it will be ok! All the rumors aren’t true. :)

After we looked at our apartments real quickly, we headed to the buses to take us to Casting-where we find out our role! We were waiting in line to start the process and while you wait someone comes along to tell you where you’ll be working. I was so nervous!! I found out I was working in Tomorrowland!! I wanted to work in Tomorrowland so badly so I was ecstatic when I found out! The Tomorrowland Terrace will be my new home for a while! From there we went all around Casting to do our I-9 forms, background checks, payroll, Disney look check, and to get our training schedules.

I finished at Casting around 12. We went back to Vista to unload my stuff. After unloading and some organizing, we went to the housing meeting. Finally, around 5 we were finished with all of the official stuff. I went to Brooke’s to help her unpack, then we went to Walmart, and then it was back to more unpacking and organizing. Finally around 11:45 or so I was done. :) It really was the longest day ever. But it was an exciting one!

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MAGIC Kingdom

Disney 30 Day Challenge Day #28- Your favorite theme park

I love love love Magic Kingdom. There is something for everyone there plus it’s just filled with so much “magic.” It’s the place little kids always dream of going and once they finally get there, you can see the excitement! Disney is where dreams come true, for people of all ages. :)

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